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Want a Creatine without the side effects? International Protein’s Kre-Alkalyn’s® is a breakthrough that allows professional athletes to gain immediate results. While the pH of all other creatine products must have a pH level of 6.9 or less. Kre-Alkalyn has pH levels from 7-14.  A clear advantage for anyone wanting to build muscle.


What Else Makes Kre-Alkalyn® Different?

  • All the benefits of creatine without the side-effects – doesn’t convert to creatinine so you won’t have any side-effects.
  • Get immediate results – works from the very first serving – no loading necessary
  • Save money – experience results using as little as 1 -3 g per day
  • The ultimate metabolic acid buffer – neutralises lactic acid so you can perform at even higher levels


5 Familiar Creatine Problems Eliminated:

Eliminate all 5 with Kre-Alkalyn®

  • Puffy bloating
  • Muscle & intestinal cramping
  • Loading phase
  • Cycling on and off
  • Poor Results GONE!


Don’t settle for unstable creatine that converts to creatinine before reaching muscle! Kre-Alkalyn® gives you the results you crave from creatine… WITHOUT puffy bloating, painful cramps or the hassles of loading and cycling all thanks to pH-Correct™ technology!


Creatine Benefits


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